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HUNZA Trip To Shangila

"An inspiration for James Hilton's Shangri-La is the Hunza Valley. Hilton visited Hunza a few years before Lost Horizon was published. Being an isolated green valley surrounded by mountains, enclosed on the western end of the Himalayas, it closely matches the physical description in the novel for Lost Horizon."

A travel through Karakorum highway or Naran Kaghan road & Karakorum Highway, second day we will reach legendary Hunza. Its main town Karimabad, overlooking Rakaposhi mountain, 7778 meters high, and Diran peak 7388. Ultar glacier in the back, also above seven thousand meters high, keeps Karimabad cool and Charming.

Hunza has been divided into three parts where three distinct languages, are spoken. Lower Hunza bordering with Gilgit, called Shinaki, where Shina Lunguage is spoken, which is also the local languages of Gilgit and surrounding regions. Brushaki language is spoken in the center of Hunza and Nagir Valley across the river. Beyond Attabad lake up to Khunjerab Pass bordering with China is considered as upper Hunza or Gojal, and Wakhi language is spoken there.

Culture piture

Hunza has been a princely state until 1974. People here are mainly Ismaili Muslims, peaceful and friendly with each other and visitors likewise. There are several attractions for tourists, including 700 years old Baltit Fort and 900 years old Altit fort. Both of these forts were residences of local rulers, now these forts are fully restored by Aga Khan Trust for Culture, and turned them into museums and handed over to Baltit Heritage Trust.

During the trip we will take you to the most famous, birds’ eye viewpoints called Duikar just above Altit Village, where you can enjoy the most spectacular panorama of Several seven thousand high mountain peaks at Nagir Valley. Jeep drive to Hoper village and glacier is yet another highlight of the trip. And finally the most scenic and a memorable drive through upper Hunza, and Khunjerab National park, where you may have a chance of seeing whole packs of Ibex Golden Marmite. On grassy slopes of Khunjerab pastures, you will see hundreds of Yaks grazing. Khunjerab is also home to most rare and prestigious Snow leopards. Khunjerab Pass is the highest point of paved international border crossing in the world.

Schedule Departures: 2015 Departures
First Departure 12/04/15 - 18/04/15
Second Departure 07/06/15 - 13/06/15
Third Departure 13/09/15 - 19/09/15
Fourth Departure 04/10/15 - 10/10/15