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For more than 30 years, people have entrusted their travel dreams to us. Our adventures span every corner of the globe, and the quality of our itinerary design and Leadership has earned us one of the highest rates of repeat travelers in the business. Our core philosophy is elegantly simple: it’s not just where you travel, but how you travel that sets our trips apart. The magic of the how at Wilderness Travel comes from our expert Trip Guides —the undisputed best in the business, a meticulously planned and artfully executed itinerary, and the camaraderie and just plain fun of traveling with a small group of like-minded people. The where is up to you—read on for more about our amazing destinations!

Everywhere we travel we bring our own special Wilderness Travel style along. In Europe, we stay at charming small hotels where we are welcomed as family, and enjoy elegant picnics of delightful local specialties and fine wines. In Africa, our safari camps are downright luxurious and our exclusive lodges are located with exceptional access to wildlife. Our Himalayan and Andean treks feature our celebrated full-service camping amenities: you’ll sleep comfortably at night in warm sleeping bags in cozy mountaineering tents, dine on wonderful and varied camp meals, and wake up each day to a cup of hot coffee or tea brought right to your tent!

A Trip for Every Interest and Level of Challenge
We offer you an incredible variety of travel experiences, each rated from 1 to 7 according to the degree of activity and general travel conditions (1 is the easiest and 7 is the most strenuous). Browse our website by activity, destination or date, and even compare trips side by side. Then give us a call—our Area Managers are happy to help you find the perfect adventure that fits your needs.

Our Guides Are the Best in the Business
A great trip is made up of fine hotels, glorious hikes, superb cuisine, and most importantly, a Trip Leader whose passion and knowledge brings it all together. We’re particular about who leads our trips because your experience depends so much on their skills. Our Guides come from all over the world, and from all walks of life—our roster includes naturalists, authors, teachers, archaeologists, art historians, and mountaineers. Their backgrounds are diverse, but they all share a passion for guiding, a thorough knowledge of the destinations they work in, and a real joy in introducing you to their favorite places, people, and behind-the-scenes spots you would never find on your own.

Guides List

post date title description
Since 1990 Didar Ali International tourism Professional
Since 1993 Muhammad Shifa Ali Hunting Tours Expert
Since 2013 Ezhar Mohammad Trekking Tour Expert
Since April,2007 John Berry Expeditions Expert