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SILK ROAD CARAVAN - Road To Pluralism Progress And Pleasure

A phenomenal trip across Pakistan and China, along Silk Road. It is like traveling through time. In the past Caravans of the Silk Road carried not only silk as leading luxury, but also non-material things such as language, religion, art, technology, manners, and customs to lands far and wide. Asia, the biggest continent and the birthplace of world's great civilizations and religions, owes much to Silk Road for the spread of ideas and for pouring pluralistic influences and values to the major parts of Asia. By far, Silk Road's greatest contribution to human civilization is bringing diverse cultures together.

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Throughout its existence, the Silk Road played a key role in promoting pluralism by bringing the people of diverse cultures and faiths close together.

We have carved a special journey for you, on this historic path, from Islamabad to Kashgar. Journeying through, amazing towns and bustling markets, deep river gorges, sky high mountains and glaciers and Emerald blue lakes. You will experience amazing contras of cultures, practices and behaviors on both sides of the countries.

The newly re-constructed Silk road itself is a fine example of human engineering. These fast modernizing and changing towns and markets and public infrastructure in China is a unique examples for us to see and learn. How diverse communities in Xinjiang province live hand in hand and learn from each other and enjoying the benefits of fast growing economy.

It is a trip filled with excitement, surprises, fun and pleasure on one hand and on the other hand it is very informative, educational and challenging.

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Our highly experienced Chinese and Pakistani guides will take you through the historic monuments and cultural sites, along with world famous Sunday market of Kashgar. For Shopping we will also take you to modern and highly sophisticated fashion markets recently emerged and developed by Chinese designers and fashion experts, where you can shop all kinds of exotic fashion goods at reasonable prices.


Schedule Departures: 2015 Departures
First Departure 02/05/15 - 15/05/15
Second Departure 28/06/15 - 11/07/15
Third Departure 06/09/15 - 19/09/15

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