Hindu Kush Karakorum Safari

It is a highly adventurous Safari,journeying through thrilling regions of three mountain ranges,Hindukush-Karakorum and Himalayas. Starting at Islamabad atfoothills of Himalayas and crossing Malakand pass and drivingthrough Winston Churchill Picket, at Chakdara,turning to Chitral viaDir,toKalash Valley.Pagan tribes of Kalash valley are the symbol ofhope that Pakistan is still a pluralistic society and you mustappreciate and admiretheir culture, practices and belief system as a token of appreciation for religious freedom and tolerance.We will drive through central Chitral toupper or its best Trout fish in Pakistan.Evening and early morning we will take the best opportunity of trout fishing at Phander Lake.From Phander we will drive to Hunza along Gilgit River passing through fruit laden Punyal Valley, with ashort stop at Gilgit town.

Chitral is a fascinating place, offering a sheer natural beautyof Hindu Kush mountain region, dominated by Tirich Mir mountain 7708 meters high.Chitrali people, speak,Khowar language. It is belong to Indo-European group of Languages. Besides Chitralies itis home to most friendly and interesting people of Kalash Valley and also semi nomadic Wakhi speaking people. In upper Chitral mainly there are Ismaili Muslims who are inhibiting upper Chitral region. Like in Hunza they are very open, peaceful andfriendly people to each other and to visitors likewise. Historically Chitral has been and independent, kingdom and aprincely state. The rulers were called Mehtars. Chitral town is situated on the west bank of the Chitral or Kunar River at thefoot of Tirich Mir 7,708 m (25,289 feet is the highest peak of theHidukush mountain range.

Schedule Departures: 2015 Departures
First Departure 14/06/15 - 23/06/15
Second Departure 23/08/15 - 01/09/15