Cultural Tours

Our cultural trips journey through the pluralistic society of Pakistan, encompassing numerous ethnic and linguistic groups, unfolding centuries-old history and traditions of various civilizations, such as the unique cultures of high mountain Kingdoms of Gilgit-Baltistan, Indus valley civilization, Gandharan civilization, Islamic legacy,  Mughal’s splendors and the British era. Also religious traditions, like Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. 

Various specialized cultural trips will soon encircle the above regions, starting from Khunjerab Pass through Hunza, and Gilgit, via Deosai plateau entering Baltistan. This trip will provide an opportunity for our clients to enjoy the natural beauty of its landscape on one hand, and on the other meet its people and visit centuries-old forts and stay at former residences of the local rulers: Shigar Fort Residence and Khaplu Palace.

These are unique heritage residences that offer guests the opportunity to experience the restored original architecture from the 17th to 19th Century, while enjoying the modern amenities and services of a luxurious signature hotels. 

These Forts have been restored by Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan (AKCSP-P) and Residences are operated by Serena Hotels, an institution of the Aga Khan Development Network.

Other trips encompassing from Swat to Sind and Baluchistan province, through the fertile plains of Punjab visiting its fascinating country side, most hospitable and generous people, its legendary cities, like Peshawar, Lahore, Multan and Karachi. Each region is revealing the top “best kept secrets of Asia”. The world-renowned archeological sites like Moenjo Daro, which is one of the oldest among the most important archaeological site in South Asia representing Indus valley Civilization at its peak some 5000 years ago.

Cities like Lahore reveal riches of Pakistan’s historical and cultural heritage. The Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort and Jahangir’s Tomb still have survived in all their glory. Peshawar is equally an illustrious city, indeed also flourished under the Mughals and even much earlier.   

Cultural Tours List

S.No Tours
1 Hindu Kush Karakorum Safari.
2 HUNZA Trip to Shangri LA
4 Trip to Baltistan via Astor and legendary Deosai Plateau.