About Us

Silk Route Expeditions is a travel and adventure concept, established by its founders, after several years of working experience as professional cultural and adventure tour guides, being outfitters for trophy hunting, working as community activists, wildlife conservationists, art and crafts enthusiast and having a continued passion for travel and adventure, meeting people, making friends and admire and respect the unique natural and manmade environment of Pakistan and it’s most fascinating  geographic location, of being at cross roads between China, Central Asia, India and Middle East.

Having varied climatic conditions and diverse and dramatic topography, where three of the highest mountain ranges, of the world meet together, the Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush range. In such an environment and location we all live and work together and make a profound pluralistic society, encompassing numerous ethnic and linguistic groups, carrying away a centuries old history and traditions of various civilizations, such as Indus valley civilization, Gandharan civilization, Islamic legacy, Mughals and British eras. Also religious traditions like Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.

Every trip we offer will reflect the cultural and environmental sensitivities, and aiming at the highest fulfillment of our clients, benefiting the host community and the region.

Cultural tours, trekking,  4-wheel drive safaris,  trophy hunting trips or simply a family holiday, enjoying walks or fishing on a beautiful mountain valley  along a sparkling river banks or on a calm and quiet lakesides, every aspect of these offers are carefully crafted and designed and then offered to our client to consider.